Eijo Toyonaga Arts


 Oil Paintings, Kanji Art & Rainbow Calligraphy


I began my artistic career as a photographer and darkroom technician. My favorite subjects were people and landscape. I held exhibitions in East Canada, and one of them, "Photo Diary", was officially opened by Yousuf Karsh at the City hall of Ottawa, then shown at the CN Tower (Toronto) and Place Bonaventure (Montreal).


I started painting in the year 2000, at age 55. I'm a self-taught realistic painter and I love to work with oil and acrylic on canvas, board and rock slabs.

I first painted portraits and the human figure in a classical manner. Recently I took pride and really enjoyed painting famous buildings found around Victoria. I now have a collection of 7, highly detailed paintings of the Empress Hotel, the Legislative Building, the City Hall, etc. My interest in now shifting to nature on larger canvases.


In the summer, you can find me among the artists on the Causeway in the Inner Harbour.


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Eijo toyonaga